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Founded in 2012 by Karen Irvani, Parents Talking Asperger's has become a significant Christian faith-based support group for families with children or young people with Asperger's, also known as High Functioning Autism.

We operate in Middleton Cheney on the border of north Oxfordshire and south Northamptonshire. We draw in families from a 30-mile radius and have over 2000 families worldwide in contact through Facebook and our website.

We endeavour to work with all other agencies involved in the Care or Education of Aspergian children and young people. Together we can promote awareness and positive life change for our children and young people with Asperger’s; their siblings and their parents. We can offer support, understanding and practical help to alleviate many of the pressures and problems that may negatively impact children and their families.

You don’t have to be alone. Come and be part of Parents Talking Asperger’s. It will make more sense of living a life that’s wired rather differently…

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