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Alternate Thursdays in school term time

4.30 - 6.30pm         £2 per adult, £2 per child
                                (under 5s free)


For children Foundation to Year 6; their parents and siblings

PTA Junior is everything that PTA Fun Nights stand for, but for younger children, their parents and siblings. We realised that as we grew, there was a need to hold sessions for younger children as an 8.30pm finish was just too late for them. So we have created PTA Junior…

We researched activities that are particularly relevant for younger children with autism and have created designated activity zones: Creativity zone, Activity Zone, Computing Zone and Sensory Zone.

Eating together is something that children with autism often find difficult. However, we’ve had great success at our main PTA Fun Nights so we’re trying the same for our younger children. Food will be fresh, simple and healthy.